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 Gold Wings  pigeon  feed              

Detailed control of grains
Polish cereals
guarantee of composition repeatability

feed for ornamental birds

unique formula
fresh grains
carefully examined mixtures

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about us

The company was established in 1995. From the beginning of its existence, it has been engaged in importing semolina from the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Due to its development and expansion of trade relations, the company now imports goods from China, India, the Netherlands, Egypt, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Ukraine. The basis of the import is the kisvardai sunflower from Hungary.

During the long-term cooperation with a partner, we can guarantee a good quality product, its purity, the size and appropriate parameters that satisfy the needs of Customers in Poland.

The second pillar of the company’s business is importing grain used in the production of seed mixtures for pigeons and for exotic birds. We import: dari, kardi seeds, hemp, canary seeds, sorghum, vetch, linseed, millet, field peas.


Ile kilometrów jednorazowo przeleciał gołąb-rekordzista? Jaką cenę zapłacił chiński milioner za najszybszego gołębia europy? Co mają wspólnego gołębie z dawną stolicą Polski? Prezentujemy tu odpowiedzi na te i wiele innych pytań ciekawych świata miłośników ptaków.

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why is our feed the best?

ziarna i nasiona dla gołębi1. We guarantee repeatability of the composition – grain selection every time, appropriate order and time of mixing make our formulations unchanged.

kontrola jakości ziaren - badanie laboratoryjne2. Increased quality control – pnext to standard Veterinary Inspection examinations, we perform additional research of germination capacity and exclude the presence of moulds, fungi and Salmonella bacilli.

świeże ziarna dla ptaków3. Only fresh grains – grains are purchased seasonally and they cannot be older than one year.

hodowcy gołębi4. The composition is based on breeders’ experience – we use their knowledge on the needs of pigeons at every stage of their lives.

uprawy ziaren5. Grains from trusted sources – we do not accept the use of cheaper equivalents. We purchase proven, examined and certified grains from best farms.

pielęgnacja gołębi6. Tradition and customer trust – experience and consistent attention to the highest quality of products was rewarded with the trust of many breeders.

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